The importance of asking for help

May 15, 2017

Dieting can be a minefield – there are so many different diet plans you can follow. Knowing which one is best for you in your current situation, and for your current goals can be difficult. A nutrition coach will take into account everything. What you are trying to achieve, how long you have to achieve it, your lifestyle, your health status, what is going on in your life that might affect your progress. What is also important to understand is that what worked for you once, may not be the best plan for your current goals or your current situation.

I’ve recently made a change to my own nutrition – I’ve historically eaten low carb when I’ve prepped for physique competitions, but my current focus is on powerlifting – a very different sport, and one that needs a different approach. I made the change to my diet because I didn’t feel good eating low carb with my current training regime, my energy was low, my recovery wasn’t optimal, I wasn’t sleeping as well as I needed to, and I didn’t feel healthy. So I asked for help.

A very good friend, who has a sensible approach to nutrition, looked over my diet and pointed out that my calories weren’t high enough for the intensity that I train at, and that I needed more carbs in my diet to sustain my training. It was a simple change – a few hundred more calories and some extra clean carbs. In the space of a three days I could feel the difference. I am sleeping through the night – which hasn’t happened for a long time, my weight is dropping easily, and my energy for training has dramatically improved.

Even though I am a nutrition coach, I take other people’s advice to ensure that my own nutrition is optimal. Taking an outside view of my diet ensures that I don’t waste time making mistakes, and I reach my goals without having to do anything extreme. But as with everything, the key to achieving my goals will come from consistency. With the right plan for my circumstances consistency becomes much easier.

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